Thursday, July 9, 2015

325. Hair Fair 2015

Hello everyone :)

Soon the doors to one of my most favorite events in SL will open and I wanted to pass some information to you Hair Fair 2015 - an event full of amazing Hair from all over SL from the best creator, just for you :)

Hair Fair opens 11th July closes on the 26th of July.
Every transaction made at Hair Fair will donate a portion to Wigs for Kids. And for those that don't know what Wigs for kids is, The Wigs for Kids, is a non-profit organization that provides hair replacement systems and support for children who lose their hair due to medical issues.

HERE you can join the  Hair Fair 2015 Subscribo

You also can join the Hair Fair DEMO Group. simply copy and past the following into local chat:

Every year since 2007 Hair Fair has celebrated the last day of the Event, with Bandana Day.

This is the day we remove our hair to show we care, and wear the Bandanas that Residents have created for us to sell at this event. It is a wonderful tradition, and lets all Second Life Residents have the oppurtunity to contribute in some way to help Wigs for Kids.  They also are transferable, so you can gift as many as you want to family and friends. \o/

If you want to create a Bandana for Hair Fair 2015 you can contact Sasy Scarborough or Whimsy Winx for a Kit. Everything is provided for you, the mesh bandana, bakes and template for your ad. You only need to bring the creativity.
More information on Bandana Kits is HERE  you can also see me explain how to use the kit HERE.  

As every year we look forward to seeing the wonderful Bandanas and hearing from you the Residents, who want to help out in this way.

Please check out their website for more important infos :