Friday, September 18, 2015

374. LOTD


Skin by Alterego - Victoria - Ash Tan LIMITED EDITION @ Body Modification Expo
Shape by me
Body by Maitreya
Hands by Maitreya 

Clothes & Accessories:

Mask by Contraption - Andras - Madpea Gold Price @ The Collection Game
DeviousMind - Valkyrie - chainSkirt - Tarnished @ The Secret Affair
DeviousMind - Valkyrie - Lara chainArmor - Tarnished @ The Secret Affair
DeviousMind - Valkyrie - Lara chainTop - Tarnished @ The Secret Affair
DeviousMind - Valkyrie - modestyCover - Tarnished @ The Secret Affair
DeviousMind - Valkyrie - spaulders - Tarnished @ The Secret Affair
Nails by CerberusXing - Lethal Talons
DeviousMind - Harpyia - ornamentTop - old gacha
DeviousMind - Harpyia - ornamentBelt - old Gacha


Madpea Production is really going rogue this year and throws one after one more goodies out there for the crazy SL residents.

Game, Hunts, Gachas, Charity......

I wonder if they are Duracell bunnies.. ehm i mean Peas with a neverending energy o.o

Anyway here are the goodies from September this November \o/

*hands out cookies & apologizes for the huge post* 


The Collection - Game
August 7th – September 30th
The Collection is an interactive and immersive adventure game that will transport you to a bygone age of mystery and curses. You will become the main character in a quest that will lead you to hidden treasures that are not what they seem and the music of the night is just the beginning of the horror that awaits you.


The Cursed Collection - Gacha
September 1st - September 30th

Those of you who have played Collection will be quite familiar with them and now you can have them – in fact this is your ONLY chance to have them as they will be retired after Arcade.  

The Cursed Collection is a range of animated instruments that play unique tunes. There are 13 instruments and a Haunted Conductor’s Stage as the rare item.

There is also a secret mystery included that will be available to those who discover it.. 

All items in Cursed Collection are 100% Original Mesh, Original Design, Concept and Music created by the MadPea Crew. 


Feed a Smile
September 25th - September 27th

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela

You may have heard of Feed-A-Smile Charity in Second Life which is supported by a lot of well-known and high profile Second Life Residents. Feed-A-Smile is part of a larger organisation called Live and Learn in Kenya and they are currently in the process of building a school in Nakuru. The first classroom and staff office were opened in January but there is a long way to go with each classroom costing around 19,000 USD to complete. More information about the programme and the credentials can be round on the Live and Learn in Kenya Website.
Last year MadPea, with the help of high-profile Second Life Residents raised 1.1 million L$ for the Feed a Smile appeal at their SL Celebrity Auction and this year we want to help complete one of those classrooms and get those kids into education.

The Celebrity Auction will take place on the 25-27th September with a weekend full of live music and entertainment and will culminate with a live auction on the 27th September at a specially built area at !Exodus! Rock Club.
We’ve seen recently with The Lexi Project just how phenomenal the generosity of SL’rs can be and how we can make RL changes to people’s lives when we work together. Please nudge your favourite SL Residents to join us by asking them to complete the Celebrity SL Auction Joining Form.

MadPea and SL Live Radio join forces for LLiK Celebrity Auction 

SL Live Radio are the Avi Choice Award Winning station for 2 years running providing a range of musical genres and sponsoring a number of high profile events in Second Life. Their CEO, Esme Capelo was delighted to get involved in such a great cause and Producer DJ Thorn Andel will also be involved in the live auctions alongside our very own DJ Kess.

The response from SL Residents has been amazing and we have quite the stunning list of celebrities and well known residents up for grabs so start saving for this great cause. More information about what these very generous residents are putting up for offer will be coming soon so keep up to date by following the blog, joining the MadPea vip group in world and checking out our facebook page!

Canary Beck - TeenaMarie Bressig - Sina Souza (Sinalein Resident) - Caitlin Tobias
Mericat Ireland - Anderian Sugarplum - Roman Godde - Lisa Brune
Bcreative Wilde - Dusty Wasp - Aeonix Aeon
- Maggie Mae Bhaktiguru (Any1 Gynoid) -
Toxic Darkmatter
- Arduenn Schwartzman - TerryLynn Melody - Inara Pey -
Isla Gealach
- Freestar Tammas - Garnet Psaltery - Chloe Seljan -
Sabbian Paine
- Synitry Resident - Leetx Resident - Gabrielle Riel -
Imre Bellic
- Tzaryna Gracemount - Kiana Writer - Trinity Yazimoto -
Levio Serenity
- Kess Crystal - Ayla Barzane - Draxtor Despres -
Jo Yardley
- Kush Zepp - Octagons Yazimoto, Emery Milneaux and Katharine McGinnis (Owners of The Arcade) -
irrie Ember
- Yelena Istmal - Pandagroov Windstorm -Tab Tatham and EvanKeel Resident -
Saffia Widdershins - Brique Topaz - Kara Trapdoor - Jessica Lyon - Sufferingfrom Lockjaw - Dita Lamour - Poulet Koenkamp


Return to the Madness of Peatonville Asylum
October 1st - November 30th

The Peatonville Asylum is an interactive and immersive adventure coming from MadPea. An adventure game and hunt in one.

The game originally took place on the grid in October 2011 and due to the huge amount of requests, MadPea is bringing it back - bigger and better! The game takes place around the grid October 1st - November 30th, 2015.

The same chills, the same thrills, the same frights…all rebooted and improved for their craziest game yet. 

Keep an eye on the MadPea Blog to win a Gold Key to Peatonville Asylum with full VIP treatment & 24 hour early access to the game before anyone else!!!

Loosen your straight-jackets, and prepare to bounce off the walls of your padded cell and join MadPea in welcoming the creators behind The Peatonville Asylum gates:

Abranimations - Apple Fall - Aphrodite Shop - Artisan Fantasy - Bandit - Birdy
Botanical - Chocolate Atelier - Culprit - Exile - Gabriel - Irrie's Dollhouse - Junk
Katatonik - Meadowworks - Michigan's Shack - Never Totally Dead - Noctis
Noodles - Pilot - Random Matter - Reckless - Roawenwood - Second Spaces - Zerkalo