433. LOTD


Skin by Alterego   Dionne - soleil - New Gen2 
Shape by me
Hair by :: DR :: Girlhawk 2
Eyes by Clemmm - Cabin eyes
Body by Maitreya
Hands & Feet by Maitreya
Tattoo by Ghost'Ink  Erebus Tattoo -  Silver RARE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Clothes & Accessories:

PFC - Bones @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Chest - Common
Choker - Common
Crown - Common
Horn - Common
Loincloth - Common
Mask  - Common
Pauldron - Common
Staff - RARE

Meva - Desert @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Bangles  - Common
Upperarm Knife  - Common

Crown by Coveted - Antler Crown @ Totally Top Shelf 
Ring by .::DD.::Grasped Ring Gold @ Totally Top Shelf

Alchemy - Hell Hound - Oblivion RARE  @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Lacrime dell'Anima Store - Aristocratic Chamber @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Bed - Ultrarare
Leather Chair - RARE 
Low Table - Common
Simple Bench - Common
Tapestry - Common 

[NC] - Old Bookcase @ Totally Top Shelf
[NC] - Wall Pendulum  @ Totally Top Shelf



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