Wednesday, November 30, 2016

514. LOTD


Skin by Deetalez
Shape by me
Body by Maitreya  
Head by Catwa - Aisha 
Hair by *Besom~Sunday *Blacks*
Eyes by  Ikon - Charm eyes quicksilver

Onesie by Pixicat - Panda RARE (old gacha)

Le Morte - Disasterology Glasses - Black

By MadPea Productions:
Level 1 (500 points): Mad Rings (Gold and Platinum)
Level 2 (750 points): Slurpea & Donut
Level 3 (1000 points) :Happy Panda

What are Achievement Points?
MadPea Achievement points are special bonuses that can be won during our games.  The more you play, the more you win.  When you win points you will see a special rotating disc pop up over your head – a sure sign you are a winner!  Achievement points are automatically added to the MadPea Leaderboard on our website, so you can keep track of the points you have earned – and see how your friends are doing. It’s easy Peasy!

Why do I want Achievement Points?
Points mean prizes!  As you progress through our games collecting points, you will find yourself levelling up.  Level 1 winners are NooPeas and Level 2 winners are SlurPeas, and at each level you can access a fab and exclusive new prize only available to those with enough points.  At the time of writing,  Level 3 winners are just around the corner and we have a prize waiting for them which is just ah-maz-ing – can you make it that far?
But we all know it’s not just about the loot – ohhhh no!  The Leaderboard announces your awesomeness to the world.  Can you be the fastest to reach each new level or score higher than your friends?  You know you wanna…

Who can win Achievement Points?
Anyone!  We started awarding Achievement Points earlier this year in our awesome game “The Interview”, and since then they have been available in a number of other games and events like our ExPEAditions.  Unfortunately, once a game or event is over the Achievements from them are no longer available to collect.  Don’t worry if you have missed any though – Achievement Points have been so popular there will be lots of opportunities to collect more in the future!  It’s also a permanent record of your success – so 10 years down the line you can look back fondly at your Achievement for being flattened by a rolling boulder and smile!

How do I get these Achievement Points?
Every time you play our games, you have the chance of discovering Achievement Points.  Often, they are awarded as you progress through a game, like the “We’ve been expecting you” Achievement earned for finding Aiden in The Interview.  Sometimes, you will really have to earn that Achievement, such as the one awarded for being bitten to death by poisonous pit vipers in The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior – that was 10 points of ouchie!!  But unsurprisingly, the biggest Achievements and points can be earned by completing our games or surviving our ExPEAditions.  To the winners go the spoils!

Where do I go?
  • When a new game or event is announced, we will tell you if Achievements can be discovered, so pay attention to MadPea Group Notices and/or event and ExPEAdition announcements on this website.  We usually won’t spoil things by telling you exactly how you win Achievements, but other Peas can give help in group chat, so make sure you join the MadPeas Group!
  • You can keep track of your progress and that of your friends by looking at the MadPea Achievements Leaderboard.  This can also be searched by avatar name.
  • Your exclusive prizes for levelling up are available from the MadPea Achievements Store in Mad City. Just click on the board and, if you have the right number of points, the prize is yours!
Still not sure what it’s all about?
Have a look at this awesome video from our machina… machinima… video guy Krios Keiroz  – featuring Kes Keiroz and the voice of Trinity Ermintrood!