Saturday, January 27, 2018

575. LOTD

Hello everyone,

For an adventurous start in the new year, I got the chance to some time traveling with MadPea airlines in to the 1950's New Orleans.

I got to visit some great Bars and was listening to the real New Orleans Jazz music. 
(I still feel my bones wiggle to the tunes)

I met some people who showed me some really creepy but interesting shops, homes and their culture. (not sure what to think about the skulls and rituals but I do love their decoration)

And of course when you go to New Orleans, the cemetery is a must! (best to go at night)
Those old yet amazing mausoleums are quite the sight (and fright!!). 

But beware when you go for a walk in the Bayou. You can get lost and end up bitten (literally!!!!)

But every Trip has an end and only Pictures and Memories are left to cherish.
I hope I see you at the Airport soon for a creep-tastic adventure with MadPea Airlines....

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