Saturday, September 28, 2013

21. Carnival

 Skin: Plastik
Shape: by me
Hair: Wasabi Pills
Mask: Contraption
Eyes: Repulse
Tattoo : Death Row
Gores: Death Row
Skirt: MV (Twisted Hunt)
Boots and hat: Death Row (Twisted hunt)
Bracelets: Death Row

Friday, September 20, 2013

20. Salute

 Skin: Plastik
Shape: by me
Hair: Exxess
Lashes: GA
Eyes: Repulse
Make up 1: Plastik
Make up 2: Lovely Disarray
Make up3: Lovely Disarray
Tattoo : Half Deer
Ear: Mandala
Shirt, Necklace, eyepatch and Pants: Tokugawa Heavy Industries
Armwarmers: sYs (from Arcade)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

19. Hextile

 Skin: Plastik
Shape: by me
Hair: A&Y
Lashes: Angel Rock
Eyes: Repulse
Make up 1: Plastik
Make up 2: Curves
Tattoo 1: Leti's
Tattoo 2: Nuuna
Piercings: HoD
Shirt, Jacket and Pants: Elixir
Boots: Elixir
Visor: Edge Technologies
Necklace: Tokugawa Heavy Industries