Saturday, April 30, 2016

463. Fantasy Faire 2016 - Malfience & Sapphire Mirror Lake

Malfience is the world for The Fairelands Quest: The Tale of Exiles.
The blessed realm of Belfience was once an idyllic home to a multitude of peoples: Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Mer, and Dragons. All shared the beauty and bounty of the land, prospering together in peace and harmony.
But the Unweaver saw their joy, and hated it, and set about to destroy it utterly.


Through sly deceits and trickeries, the Unweaver’s minions sowed doubts in the minds of Bellefience’s rulers, and their wisdom abandoned them. The steady drip of poison spread slowly, then faster and faster, hardening the hearts of each people against the others, until cruel war blazed and consumed the realm.
Facing certain death, many fled in haste with few possessions, forsaking their homes and a land now sick and blasted, its beauty ruined. Those who remained – wary and grim, huddled into separate enclaves yet determined to hold onto hope – renamed the realm Malfience, for the evil that had been done there.


The former Belfience is far distant from the Bard Queen’s realms, and their peoples have known little contact; none in recent memory. And so the Bard Queen was astonished and alarmed to see a flood of desperate, grieving exiles wash up on her shores – people for whom nothing will ever again be the same.
Resolving to help, she draws together those realms hosting the exiles into the Circle of the Fairelands, and sends forth her emissary to speak with the exiles and learn of the ill fate that befell them.
It becomes clear that this quest is as difficult and dangerous as can be imagined. To repair the evil wrought by the Unweaver, the emissary must find a way not only to brave the deadly perils of Malfience, but also to heal the hearts of peoples torn asunder by war.


Sapphire Mirror Lake


On the first warm day of Spring every year, the people at Sapphire Mirror Lake reconstruct an Iron Age skeleton of what we may call today a mythical beast: the centaur. It is said the secrets of a powerful lost technology are locked in their bones. This year, they have unearthed a 20 meter high gargantuan, but will it speak?
This is the Arts and Entertainment sim of Fantasy Faire 2016, with a central stage for a variety of first-rate performances, and two galleries featuring Fantasy themed art from the collections of some of the best photographers in Second Life. The story above sets the mood for the builds of the sim, both above and below sea level. Please dive in!


Sapphire Mirror Lake by Haveit Neox.
Sapphire Mirror Lake features an impressive lineup of dance and particle performances by eleven different groups.
There are also two art galleries within the sim, one above the water, one below. These feature Second Life fantasy art from nearly 40 different artists!

462. Fantasy Faire 2016 - Fairelands Junction & Otherworld

Roawenwood Searlait Nitschke


Balderdash Saiyge Lotus




There are places beyond the normal realms we see with our waking eyes. They are places of gargantuan trees of life, of gentle waters flowing through glowing caves, of glittering crystal and ancient bronce. They are kingdoms that softly whisper about the eternity we all carry within us. There are lands of song and story, of leyend and wisdom, of peace and gentle growth.
Far beyond the reach of boats and trails, and always just a handspan away, always just beyond a veil, exists a place of islands and Gods, and heros and Fae. Welcome to Otherworld.
OtherWorld by Elicio Ember.


Cerridwen’s Cauldron Elicio Ember



Thursday, April 28, 2016

460. Fantasy Faire 2016 - Breeze

(Kayle Matzerath)

A very bright and pastel watercolored village that harnesses the wind to turn it into magical energy.


Solarium Rynn Verwood & Encaitaron Korobase


Jinx Julala Demina
Belle Epoque Janire Coba Luas Ainaraluas
Living the FantaSea Corkie Houston
.: yo bailo :. yuuki Solo
**Tir Na Nog** siarl Shan
Wilds of Organica Aki Shichiroji
Fae Fantasy Creations Tamrielle Halderman
Stix Pixy Snook
ChangHigh Yman Juran
Sister Fate* Petites Dax Dover
Polenth’s Mushporium Polenth Yue
The Cat and Fiddle/Callista’s Closet/Timeless Treasures/King’s Kitchen CallistaMarie Resident
Simply Shelby Shelby Olivier
Dysfunctionality Anke Hatchuk
Tiar Atiya Baar
Cubic Cherry Kre-ations kreao Kujisawa
Dinkies Etheria Parrott
Atomic Kitties Lauren Thibaud
Eternal Dream Fata Boa
Mistique Mahilwen Mistwalker
{Rook} Poses Nadia Voljeti

459. Fantasy Faire 2016 - Dangarnon

(Jaimy Hancroft/Eowyn Swords)

 Villains roam the cobbled streets of a fallen Andolys where evil rolled in and blotted out the light. Skeletons of what once was are all that remain. Rotting and crooked the stone houses and towers are a sad reflection of their former glory. Darkness hangs over the land like a heavy blanket suffocating any ray of light. But even here, in all this blackness a shimmer of hope has managed to hide and survive, a tiny piece of what once was this magical place still lives within these dead walls. Perhaps all is not lost yet…


Death Row Designs Jaimy Hancroft


Storybook Vix Nirvana*
The White Armory Bee Dumpling*
Poet’s Heart Irina Strazytski Bite & Claw Graea Resident
The Forge Deccan Arida
E.V.E Noke Yuitza
The Dark Fae Corvi Ashdene
Anachron Nix Marabana
Zyn Zyndyrr Resident
The Little Bat Drusilla Dethly
7 Deadly s{K}ins Izara Zuta
.HollyWeird. DeannaNastie13 Resident
Nephilim NephilimReborn Resident
Attitude is an Artform Hecta Demina
Unrepentant Jalynne Ohmai & Nicolias Sadoul
OXIDE Ziggurson Resident & Zuleicca Resident
Luftmensch Hephaesteon Resident

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

458. Fantasy Faire 2016 - Tinkers Hollow

(Mayah Parx)

 If you had the power to create anything you thought, what would you think? And if every thought you thunk took form, where would you store all the stuff? Welcome to Tinkers Hollow. The eclectic trappings of an unusual mind filled with everything from toys and cards to gears and cogs. Who knows what might appear?

Epic Toy Factory Mayah Parx

Yasum Design Azlyn Vaher
ND/MD Alea Lamont
Analog Dog Hair Queue Marlowe
Rivendale lrriven Resident
Bad Katz Katz Republic
Epic Jade Winthorpe
Stone’s Works Darkstone Aeon
~Lantian/Flox~ Wyvern Dryke
Whimsical Wonders/Winry’s Whimsey Winry Carver
Jenara Jennylynn Capalini
Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations Zevyah Resident
VH Voidheart Mistwalker
c*C*c Kamo Resident
ChiC buildings Chic Aeon

457. Fantasy Faire 2016 - Serenity

 (Kaelis Ember)

They say there are one thousand steps to the top of Serenity, an ancient city, every nook and cranny carved to perfection, smooth curves, beautiful terraces, stunning waterfalls, latticed windows. Built by ageless hands so many moons ago, they also say that those who ascend to the top of the city will discover something more valuable than gold, the knowledge we’re not alone in our fights.


The NeoVictoria Project Asil Ares


Empyrean Forge Empyreanforge Resident*
Meva Mea Carnell
* Amaranthus * Elbereth Nightfire
[CIRCA] Living Cherelle Capra  
The Stringer Mausoleum Helena Stringer  
Curvosity Synful Ghost
Spyralle Kerryth Tarantal
SAKIDE Kinu Mayako
Carrie’s Lingerie Carrie Bridger
TempT LaKira Ratelle
[EvelineInTheBox] Eveline Ashbourne
Faeline Fairy Pryda Parx
Star Journey Lorraine Charron
DressMe Designs Julianna Jonstone
Stitched & EPOS EposHair Resident
Rainy Fey Creations Nyree Rain
Kaithleen’s Zlyskritek

456. LOTD

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

455. Fantasy Faire 2016 - The Golden Delta

(Alia Baroque)

The Immortal City bathed in gold and turquoise where the river and sands of life draw the passing of time.


Fallen Gods Inc. Alia Baroque

Curious Kitties Ameshin Yossarian*
meadowWorks Garvie Garzo*
Building Daydreams AineMari Flanagan*  
Syren’s Song xxSyrenxx
Vengeful Threads Vixn Dagger
Faida Titania Halasy Velvet Whip Madmacit Resident
House of RFyre Raven Pennyfeather
Wasabi Pills MissAllSunday Lemon & Rouge Darcy
Ankle Biter Yuna Yuadl

Musa Filomena Quinnell
Arx Loricatus Dogma Trevellion
Cygnet’s Dreams Ann Cygnet
MacMoragh an Gabha Fenn MacMoragh
Zohee’s Mermaid Designs Zohee Goldshark
forestfeast Mikatsuki Matova
Bare Rose June Dion
anc Ltd. aki69 Resident
!dM deviousMind Chandra Meehan
Frippery Elizabeth Tinsley

454. LOTD

Monday, April 25, 2016

453. Fantasy Faire 2016 - Twilight Illusion

 Twilight Illusion
 (Sweetgwendoline Bailey/Eldowyn Inshan)

 The Realm of Twilight Illusion is a land divided. Rising out of a vast lake of lava, small islands pepper the view. Connected by rickety bridges the inhabitants make a life amid the hellish landscape of rotten vegetation, creepy trees, stinky mushrooms, bones, skulls and ravens. As sulfur and brimstone percolate below the breezes of the upper levels remind of sun and dew, welcoming the visitor into a flower filled meadow where worries are replaced with joy under rainbow skies and a picnic of nectar and honeyed cakes has been laid out by unseen hands.

Merchants of Dreams: United InshCon 
Eldowyn Inshan ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ Sweetgwendoline Bailey


*Independent Objects* Susan Independent 
{Acios} Acarna Drachios
Gypsy Wolf & Snoodles Nikita Schapire & Yap Snoodle
Beyond Persuasion design Elizabet Savira
Silent Sanctuary Raeyn Sirnah
BamPu Legacies BambiChicque Resident
Mindgardens Creations Bonny Greenwood
Feyline Fashions FeydaAnn Ferryhill

[MUSE] & NSP Norena Soir
Dream of Medieval Crafts Minako Ying
Fantasy China Alial Allen
Black Tulip Auryn Beorn
*~rayheart~* Xiue Yalin
Lunar Seasonal Designs Lunar Tripsa
BluPrintz Mirajai Maven
Homebase Furniture & More Baljaro Resident
%Percent Furniture & Lighting Plato Novo