Sunday, November 29, 2015

405. LOTD

For the December round of Arcade, aisling is bringing an amzing furniture set that just has blown my mind \o/

I can't wait till the event opens and we all end up broke again from all the shopping o.o

25 items total - 3 rares - 22 commons - 50Ls by play

01.aisling. Drop Candles
02.aisling. Drop Vases
03.aisling. Drop Roses
04.aisling. Cage Lamp
05.aisling. Rope Lamp
06.aisling. Wall Candles
07.aisling. Shelf
08.aisling. Clock
09.aisling. Wood Mirrors
10.aisling. Tiles Mirrors
11.aisling. Deco Mirrors
12.aisling. Curtain
13.aisling. Boxes
14.aisling. Round Boxes
15.aisling. Water Plant
16.aisling. Potted Plant
17.aisling. Cushion Stool
18.aisling. Wood Stool
19.aisling. Rug Set
20.aisling. Rugs
21.aisling. Candles
22.aisling. Coffee Table
23.aisling. LONG TABLE - RARE
24.aisling. ARMCHAIR - RARE
25.aisling. COUCH - RARE