Tuesday, December 1, 2015

406. LOTD

Credits: Body:
Skin by Alterego -selene - toffee - VIP GIFT
Shape by me  
Hair by Olive - the Twist Hair  
Eyes by  Clemmm - Cabin eyes  
Mouth by  Loud Mouth   
Body by Maitreya   
Hands & Feet by Maitreya 


Pants by Yasum - Armor Leggings @ Fantasy Collective


Yasum Tara @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Bracelets - Common
Bracer - Common
Heat Cover - Common
Pasties - Common
Armor, Belt & Tiara - EPIC
Ancle Chain - RARE
Tiara - RARE


MadPea Productions - Return of the Light @ The Arcade
The Taika Circle - RARE - A Stonehenge like circle where the magic happens
The Taika Altar - RARE - Stone altar that holds the Book of Taika
Mirror of Darkness
Sadwrn’s Shadowsteel
Silverlight of Wranws
Mercher Spellblade
Daear Diamond Sword
Longsword of Iau
Neifion Lightbringer
Mawrth Mageblade
Burning Sabre of Gwener
Taika Wand of Light
Taika Wand of Darkness
Volcanic Ashes
Drops of Morning Rain
Bowl of Moon Dust
Sap of Bloodwood
Sun Disc
Moon Disc
Sun Statue
Moon Statue