442. LOTD


Skin by Alterego - adriana - ash
@ Totally Top Shelf
Shape by me 

Eyes by Clemm - Cabin eyes
Hair by Tameless - Marisol
@ 100 Block by Depraved Nation
Head by Catwa - Annie Vampire
Body by Maitreya
Hands & Feet by Maitreya

Tattoo by Endless Pain - Sleipnir
@ Totally Top Shelf
Clothes :

Dress by Moon Elixir - Ragnarok @ Totally Top Shelf
Leg Warmers by Moon Elixir - Valkyrie @ We <3 RP

Bracelets by  bubble - Chevron Bracelets @ 100 Block by Depraved Nation
Piercings by Hebenon Vial
Glasses by Goth1c0 - Classic Vampire Sunglasses - transparent (gacha common)


Juxtapose - Bronx Balcony  @ 100 Block by Depraved Nation

April 9 – 30, 2016 

Sponsored By:  
Razor ///, Insanya, Lapointe & Bastchild, AlterEgo, 
Cute Poison, EMPIRE, Reckless,
[^.^Ayashi^.^], The Forge, SAKIDE, 
LCKY, Gawk, DeeTalez, 
Essences, Kenvie & AMERICAN BAZAAR


April 2 - 23, 2016

Valhalla to Ragnarok

Sponsored by :
Moon Elixir, Endless Pain
Suicide Gurls, Poisoned Diamond
Le Coq D'or



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