Monday, April 25, 2016

453. Fantasy Faire 2016 - Twilight Illusion

 Twilight Illusion
 (Sweetgwendoline Bailey/Eldowyn Inshan)

 The Realm of Twilight Illusion is a land divided. Rising out of a vast lake of lava, small islands pepper the view. Connected by rickety bridges the inhabitants make a life amid the hellish landscape of rotten vegetation, creepy trees, stinky mushrooms, bones, skulls and ravens. As sulfur and brimstone percolate below the breezes of the upper levels remind of sun and dew, welcoming the visitor into a flower filled meadow where worries are replaced with joy under rainbow skies and a picnic of nectar and honeyed cakes has been laid out by unseen hands.

Merchants of Dreams: United InshCon 
Eldowyn Inshan ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ Sweetgwendoline Bailey


*Independent Objects* Susan Independent 
{Acios} Acarna Drachios
Gypsy Wolf & Snoodles Nikita Schapire & Yap Snoodle
Beyond Persuasion design Elizabet Savira
Silent Sanctuary Raeyn Sirnah
BamPu Legacies BambiChicque Resident
Mindgardens Creations Bonny Greenwood
Feyline Fashions FeydaAnn Ferryhill

[MUSE] & NSP Norena Soir
Dream of Medieval Crafts Minako Ying
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