Friday, April 11, 2014

74. LOTD


Skin: Plastik - Natural tone - Gaia (see Detail below)

Shape: by me 

Scar: Corvus *Sponsor*

Eyes: Clemmm
Make up: HoD
Outfit: [sYs] (@100 Block)
Boots: Graves NEW NEW NEW


SLink Hands
 Plastik Skins tones:
The skins and applier packs are sold separately!
Applier packs include:
LOLAS! Tango Mesh breast appliers x3
Lolas! Tango Mesh breast Nipple applier
SLink Hand Appliers
SLink Foot Appliers
SLink Toenail Appliers
SLink Fingernail Appliers
Phatazz Applier

These skins are delicate yet strong, sharp yet soft, and feature gorgeous highlights and definition in all the right places.
There are over a hundred colors to choose from, including a ton of natural tones and some crazy colors as well!

There are Orc colors, Elven colors, ALL kinds of colors to suit ANY kind of roleplay.
Custom colors are also an option!

Come check out the demo and see all of the amazing options and colors at the Plastik!