Sunday, July 6, 2014

115. LOTD

Diva of the Night
Skin: Pumec
Shape: by me
Hair: Spellbound (@Oh My Gacha)
Ears: Sinful Needs
Makeup: Mons
 Tattoo: Loveley Dissaray
Tattoo 2: Endless Pain
Piercing: Hebenon Vial
Collar: Sakide
Collar Piercing: CerberusXing (@Rhapsody)
Armband: DirtyStories
Wings: DirtyStories
Bracer, Bracelet, Fingerclaw: Random Matter (@We <3 RP)
Top + Skirt: Alterego NEW
Heels: Alterego NEW
Garters: Sucidial Unborn
Belt: DirtyStories
Horns: DirtyStories



SLink Hands
SLink Feet
Loud Mouth



Del May