Wednesday, September 3, 2014

144. LOTD


Body + Hair:
Skin: Nunu's Skin and Shapes - Maya NEW NEW NEW
Shape: by me
Hair: Tableau Vivant
Eyes: Clemmm
Ears: Mandala
SLink Hands - Casual
Loud Mouth - Brandee 
Wrap: Shi
Top: Shi
Psnts: NV
Bracelet: Mandala
Earings: Mandala

Ink & Makeup:
Tattoo & Piercing: Haus of Darcy (September 4th @We <3 Roleplay)
Rí Fhaolchú(Wolf King) & Banríon Faolchú (Wolf Queen)
The piercings will come in 6 metals.
Razor, Slide, Silver Lining, Silent Rage, Yakuza Red & Blood Drop (A mixture of Yakuza Red and Slide)

Each set will include one piercing, and one paint to match the specified genders.

You can buy each color seperately or you can get the Royal Deluxe Fatpack.
The "Royal Deluxe" package will be set to a LIMIT SALE.
Only 100 copies will be available.
AND the fatpack will an exclusive Make up called "Royal Eyeshadow".

AND this piercings will be GONE after the event so get your copy before it goes poof forever 
"We Love Role-Play" starts Thursday, 4th of Sept. at 3 PM SLT.
So yeah what are you waiting for?
Go get those goodies!!!