150. LOTD

Body + Hair:

 Skin: Pumec
 Shape: by me 
Hair: Soonsiki (@ The Mens Dept)
Hairebase: Just Magnetized
Eyes: Repulse

Ears: Mandala

Dress: HoneyB's (October 6th @Totally Top Shelf) 
 Hat: Sad Harlequin (October 6th @Totally Top Shelf)
Coat: DragansVarg 
Boots: Pure Poison (@Uber)


Scarf: Contraption 

Monocle: Contraption 
Scissorhands: Remarkable Oblivion 
Earing: Contraption 
Zipper eye: Zombie Suicide 
Bloody Nose: UtopiaH
Scythe: A&Y Cyber Bunker (@ RMK Halloween)



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