Saturday, November 8, 2014

161. LOTD

Body & Hair:

Skin: Alterego - Maliyah Special Edition tone Pale
This skin tone [pale] only includes an applier for the Mesh Project body.
It is a special edition skin tone, exclusive to this brand. No other appliers will be made for this specific release.

In this pack you will find:
- 4 Lipstick packs: Petals, Juicy, Flora & amethyst (tattoo layers)- Eyeshadow pack - Brow pack - Bonus Add-on pack (including freckles, beautymarks & eye liners) - Maliyah Shape - Skins with and without cleavage (black, blonde, brown, red & no brows)

Shape: by me
Hair: Runaway (@The Big Show)
Freckles: Alterego
Lipstick: Alterego
Hairbase: Just Magnetized
Ears: Trap


Dress & Pauldrons: Muka - Rare (@Fantasy Gacha Carneval)


Glasses: Voxxi 
Headdress: Plastik - Epic  (@Fantasy Gacha Carneval)
Belt: On a Lark / Sweet Poison  (@Fantasy Gacha Carneval)
Bracer: On a Lark / Sweet Poison  (@Fantasy Gacha Carneval)
Collar: Luas - Rare (@Fantasy Gacha Carneval)