Sunday, May 3, 2015

280. LOTD

This is it. The last day of Fantasy Faire 2015.
The mists are closing again and I keep lot of amazing memories close to my Heart.
That moment when you visit the Sims for the first time and make you speechless. Every single Place is so amazingly gorgeous that I cannot find words to decribe it. The designers really did an outstanding job on them and it saddens me to see those pieces of Art gone :(

The Parties with the DJs where we danced and till our feet bleed.

The Jail & Bail events where we cursed the Pawlice and tried to safe the poor Yuna, Charlie, Aikea, Alia, Rynn and the Dwarfins. We raised so much for Relay for Life that i was in awe.

The Dance and Particle shows on Poseidon's Abyss. These shows were the best I ever have seen and I was touched so deep in my heart that I was literally bawling my eyes at some moments. I will never foget those shows.
A huge thanks on those talented Performers.

All the Roleplays that were so nicely done that everyone could join and help :) I really enjoyed them.

The hunt which in my eyes was so well done that I did it 3 times lool

The Literary Festival, which was a first in the the Faire. And I must say to the organisors: WELL done. I love it :)

And then the funniest thing ever:
The Rock Lobster Tour Bus LOOL

Seriously Alia you need to learn how to drive.
And sorry to severyone who we ran over.

There was so much more this year but I would write for days If I would mention everything. I just can say that this year was one of my best Fantasy Faires EVER. And I can't wait to see what is coming next year.



Skin by Fallen God Inc. - Lumina Relay Eclipse - Silent Auction Skin (Not available anymore) @ Fantasy Faire 2015 (April 23th - May 3rd)
Shape by me
Teeth by Kibitz(formerly Pekka)
Body by Maitreya - Lara
Hands by Maitreya


Hood by Contraption - Compass Hacker Hood @ The Dark Style Fair (May1st - May 31st)
Dress by Yasum - Bagger Doll
Bra by Aisling -  Merle @ The Dark Style Fair (May1st - May 31st)


Feathers by aisling - Velasco @ The Dark Style Fair (May1st - May 31st)
Armbands by Muka - Spike Bracers @ The Dark Style Fair (May1st - May 31st)
Faceband by Tabou Irresistable -  Grunge Face straps @ The Dark Style Fair (May1st - May 31st)
Piercing by CerberusXing - Menace @ The Dark Style Fair (May1st - May 31st)