Friday, June 10, 2016

473. LOTD


Skin by Nunu's Skins - Evike Dark Mist
Shape by me
Eyes by Clemmm - Cabin Eyes
Hair by [e] Estelle - Essentials
Head by Catwa - Aisha
Body by Maitreya

Clothes :

*MUKA*  Wicca Thong

Graves - G542 Sky High - Black - boxed

RO - The Quest - King and Queen - RARE @ The Arcade
RO - The Quest - Shoulders - Knightmare @ The Arcade
RO - The Quest - Gauntlets - RARE @ The Arcade
RO - The Quest - Armored Vest - Knightmare @ The Arcade
B.C.C Jenny&Megan Police hat - Black -A [Wear] @ The Arcade
Razor/// Guardian Chest & Leg Harness - Black (unpacked)
[CX] Heavy Duty Collar F (Maitreya)
::Axix:: Morpheus FaceStraps RARE

Madpea Productions - Why so Mad? @ The Arcade
MadPea Why so Mad? - Wrecking Ball (w/animations)
MadPea Why so Mad? - Wicked Wacko (wearable mask w/resizer)
MadPea Why so Mad? - Twisted Trickster (wearable mask w/resizer)

MadPea Why so Mad? - Nailed it! (w/animations by Abranimations)
MadPea Why so Mad? - Ba-Da-Boom
MadPea Why so Mad? - Tick-Tock
MadPea Why so Mad? - Dead Man's Clock