Monday, November 28, 2016

513. LOTD


Skin by Deetalez
Shape by me
Body by Maitreya  
Head by Catwa - Aisha   
Hair by Spellbound - Chilly (old Gacha)  
Eyes by Izzie's - Demon Eyes

Dress by Cynful Clothing & Co -Doppelganger Dress  @ Collabor 88
Boots by  Zenith -autumn long boot with socks  

Christmas Calendar by MadPea Productions

  Oh my Oh my.. it is the time again.
Xmas songs in every corner...
Everything decorated with Xmas trees, lights & Garlands...
It smells so delicious..mmmhh.. cynnamon, cookies & hot chocolate..

and oh my ...Santa brought so many amazing which are simply W O W

Am I naughty and tell you what you get ?
Am I nice & let you discover daily the presents from 1 of 25 amazing Designers?

hmm so hard to choose. But let me tell you this:
If you are nice & go to to the MadPea Xmas HQ & buy the Calendar, I might get naughty and show the gifts ;)

The package contains both a decor calendar that is 20Li as well as a wearable HUD. 
They both work the same way. 
Simply click on the door of the corresponding day and accept the inventory offer sent to you.

The MadPea Christmas Calendar is an advent style calendar which comes in a physical version to hang in your home as well as a wearable HUD option.  You purchase the Calendar from one of our Kiosks, either at our HQ or participating stores for 1000L and from the 1st of December you can click the matching day to get your gift!  Each item will be unisex or come with a male and female version and be exclusively made for the MadPea Christmas Calendar!

From today you can head to the Christmas Calendar HQ at Mad City to purchase your calendar or gift it to a friend or a loved one! If you purchase it now you will get the calendar sent to you but the doors will not begin opening from December the 1st through to December the 25th.
Our Calendars are Limited edition! You only have until the 31st of December to purchase them, after that it will no longer be available.

You can purchase your Calendar at the Christmas Calendar HQ or any of the participating designers stores.

MadPea has teamed up with 24 other amazing designers so that you’ll have 25 phenomenal gifts!  The prize designers are:
Head to the Christmas Calendar HQ or one of our participating designers stores and click on the Kiosk for the MadPea Christmas Calendar.  From here, you can pay 1000L to get yours or choose the gift opinion to send it to someone.  They will get a notification to let them know you’ve been so lovely and if they go to purchase it without realising, it will tell them they already have one so they can’t buy it twice.  This also works the other way and you are unable to gift it to someone who has already purchased it.  Once you’ve paid for your Calendar, you’ll be sent it right away so you can set it out in your home or use the hud, however the doors won’t start unlocking until the 1st of December!
If you purchase your calendar after the 1st of December, don’t worry!  You can still get all the previous gifts as well as any that are yet to come.  You can always open boxes of days that have past, but the future ones will remain locked until their day arrives.