Friday, May 2, 2014

92. Fantasy Fair 2014

Guardians of the Seas

The Earth seems so much more beautiful when it is a full moon.
Everything seems magical on a full moon.
With its reflection in the water making the ocean look so peaceful.
With the mermaids swimming so freely with their tails splashing water into the air.
The time in which the daughters of Selena, the moon goddess, feel the most safe and powerful.
With their powers growing stronger every minute as the darkness of evil shrinks away. 
But when the darkness fades and the light comes out of it's sleep, the mermaids are no more protected, are powerleress and weak.
So they prayed and begged to Mother Moon to keep them safe when the light emerges.
Mother Moon answered their prayer with the whispers of the wind "Go to the Faeries, they will keep you safe from any danger."
The mermaids swam through the 7 oceans and many storms. Fled from predators and Pirates till one day one of them saw the ancient Tree, the Guardian of the Light and the Dark, the home of the Faeries.
They swam to the shore and sang their lament in the saddest voices any mortal ever heard.
The Faery Queen who was meditating at the ancient tree heard those sad tones that broke her heart.
She followed the meldody till she found the mermaids at the shore crying and singing.
"What saddens your Soul children?" she asked.
"We can't protect us at day. Are weak, are helpess." they sang.
They told her everything they encountered. Sang it in their saddest laments.
The Faery Queen soothed them, by humming ancient melodies. "We will help you. Keep you safe. Don't worry children, don't cry."
That night was full moon and all the Faeries came together for an ancient ritual no human ever witnessed. They sang ancient Words and the Tree of Life started to glow. Lighter and lighter and the Mermaids had to shield their eyes. Not just the Tree started to glow but the Mermaids too.
Slowly ancients runes showed up on their Skin and turned into Patterns. It didn't burned or hurt. They felt good and safe. Like being in the loving arms on their Mother.
As the Faeries humming faded so did the glow on theTree and the Mermaids.
The Queen said to them "You can swim home now children. From now on you are protected by the Light of the ancient Tree. No one shall harm you anymore. Not at day, not at night."
The mermaids thanked the Faeries will heart and Soul and sang with their most beautiful voices as they swam home.
From that day on at every full moon you can hear their melodies washing over the waves of the 7 oceans over the whole world.
From that day on they became the Guardians of the Seas, the Guardians of the magical world and their story will be told from generation to genration, from mother to child.


Skin: Plastik (@Fantasy Faire 2014 - The Faery Court)

Shape: by me

Hair: Wasabi Pills (@Fantasy Faire 2014 - Sanctum)
Jewellery: Plastik (@Fantasy Faire 2014 - The Faery Court)
Tail: Mer-chandise Cove (@Fantasy Faire 2014 - Heavenslough)

 SLink Hands
Lola's Tango

Pose: yb (@Fantasy Faire 2014 - Heavenslough)

SIM: Fantasy Faire 2014 The Faery Court