Saturday, May 3, 2014

93. Fantasy Fair 2014

Fantasy Fair is not just about amazing SIMs and shopping.
Fantasy Faire gives you a chance to get lost in memories, to think and pray for those who lost their fight against cancer.
Fantasy Faire is there to celebrate those who won the fight.
Fantasy Faire is there to be at the side of those who care, who walk the difficult path of fighting and helping.
Fantasy Faire is there to come together from all over the World. 
We are one Team, one Family, one Soul.
To make this post, it took lot of strength and tears.
This Post is for all the loved ones I lost and their Families.

Remember the Past, Live now and celebrate the Future
Walk your path with Joy, with Love and Pride
This is your Life
Enjoy it in all its Colors!!

The Angel's Lament

In isolation and desperation
Where Words weep
and tears that speak
Of misery and regression
Words gone unsaid
Waiting for the last breath
Locked inside a cage
Where we envy the dead
Washed away by the rivers of time
Dreams of Forbidden Eden
The unnumbered days Of Mirth
An endless prime
Smeared away by betrayal
Unanswered prayers for years
A mournful portrayal
...Of Heaven Laid in Tears
On life's unfathomable sea
We go, lonesome and tired
Godspeed to us!
For that is all which is now required!
- The Divine Insanity

Why I relay 

I relay for my friends who lost their fight against Cancer.
I relay for their Families who lost their precious Angels to Heaven.
Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters. Families ripped apart but still together in their Thoughts, Souls, Memories.
They never will be forgotten.

I relay for my Grandfather Rene, who lost his fight 2 years ago on May 4th. We were one team, one family. I never forget his love for the nature and architecture.
When I visit Sanctum, I always think that he would loved this. That he wanted to walk around the buildings, sitting on a bench and watching every single detail of the statues, columns and walls. Now I walk over this Sim, alone, but I always know that my Grandfather is always near me as an Angel, guarding my path, my Journey.

I relay for my Grandaunt Maisy, who lost her fight April 27th to Lungcancer. Her love for Faeries and Elves was unique. She had  pictures, mini-statues everywhere in her House. She drew them and wrote Stories about them. She also loved the sun and the clouds. Could lay in the grass, forget the time by just watching the clouds fly past her. She always was lost in her thoughts, in her fantasy stories where the sun always was shining. Since her death we hadn't any sun yet. It seems that Heaven cries with us...

I relay for the cargivers, who need all their strentgh and Love for those who have go that diffcult path of fighting the Cancer. I send them my strength, my Love, my Prayers.

I relay for those who walk the Path of fighting and for those who won the fight.


Skin: Glam Affair
Shape: by me
Ears: Trap (@Fanasy Faire 2014 - The Fairy Court)
Hair: Wasabi Pills (@Fantasy Faire 2014 - Sanctum)
Tiara: Keystone (@Fantasy Faire 2014 - Heavenslough)
Horns + Outfit: 22769 (@Fantasy Faire 2014 - Hope's Horizon)
Boots + Armor: Death Row (@Fantasy Faire 2014 - Hope's Horizon)

SLink Hands
SIM: Fantasy Faire 2014 Sanctum