Wednesday, April 29, 2015

275. Fantasy Faire 2015

Blogger Challenge:
Why I Relay

Putting the words together for this post was really hard for me. It took hours of thinking and sometimes crying. No matter what we answer to this question "Why do you relay?" it always come straight from our heart and soul.

So here is why I relay:

I Relay to join the fight as Caregiver and as a survivor.
I Relay to give people the oppurtunity to get a second chance to Live.
I Relay for all the caregivers, who sacrifice themself to help and offer a strong shoulder to lean on.
I Relay for all the fighters, who are going through a crucial time.
I Relay for the survivors, to celebrate with them.
I Relay for the Lost ones, to remember them.
I Relay for no more Goodbyes.
I Relay for Hope, that one day Cancer will be gone.
I Relay for all the Families out there, who pray everyday.
I Relay for the friends, that see their close one suffer. 
I Relay for all the Teams, who show their support with events.
I Relay for all the researchers, who are the Hero that one day slays the Dragon.
I Relay for all the Volunteers, who inform and guide.
I Relay for all Doctors and Nurses, who take care of the fighters. Night and Day.
I Relay for a Future with our loved ones.
I Relay to remember my Grandfather, who was my friend, my soul and my heart.
I Relay because I care!!
Why do you Relay?



Skin by Lumae - Adore - Epona @ Fantasy Faire 2015 (April 23th - May 3rd)
Shape by me
Hair by Exile - American Woman
Eyes by Ikon 
Teeth by Kibitz(formerly Pekka)
Lashes by Damned
Eyeshadow by Plastik  - Foxxe
Body by Maitreya - Lara
Hands by Maitreya 
Mermaid tail by Jomo -  female Mermaid tail

Armor by Caverna Obscura - Chained Harness


Crown by aisling - Suminana
Rose pasties - aisling - Gift in the Store