Sunday, April 24, 2016

450. Fantasy Faire 2016 - Echtra

(Loki Eliot)


The land is stuck in time. There is no summer nor is there any winter. There is just a grey emptiness hanging over the once busy town of Echtra and the surrounding moorland. And what of the legends that tell of a great sleeping dragon under the hill the town is built. Will the secrets of this once thriving community be revealed and if they can be discovered exactly who will awake?


The Lost Unicorn Gallery Natalie Montagne


BMe, BlueMoon enterprise SolasNaGealai
Lilith’s Den Alrunia Ahn FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK Luna Barak
Athena Couture DJRoseAthena
Goth1c0 Keishii Roo
NAMINOKE taiko McCaw
:[Even~Tide]: Eve Gaelyth
Eldritch Kiera Ashdene
Body Language Sweet Lovely Cute manmoth Nishi
SALLIE Sallie Takao
Unknown Designs TaylaAtlantis Ashbourne
Quixote’s Dream Ceri Quixote
alpha.tribe Alpha Auer
W-ZERO masaomi Ragu
BLD Beliria Lumley
MurTails Murasaki Kaligawa