Tuesday, April 26, 2016

455. Fantasy Faire 2016 - The Golden Delta

(Alia Baroque)

The Immortal City bathed in gold and turquoise where the river and sands of life draw the passing of time.


Fallen Gods Inc. Alia Baroque

Curious Kitties Ameshin Yossarian*
meadowWorks Garvie Garzo*
Building Daydreams AineMari Flanagan*  
Syren’s Song xxSyrenxx
Vengeful Threads Vixn Dagger
Faida Titania Halasy Velvet Whip Madmacit Resident
House of RFyre Raven Pennyfeather
Wasabi Pills MissAllSunday Lemon & Rouge Darcy
Ankle Biter Yuna Yuadl

Musa Filomena Quinnell
Arx Loricatus Dogma Trevellion
Cygnet’s Dreams Ann Cygnet
MacMoragh an Gabha Fenn MacMoragh
Zohee’s Mermaid Designs Zohee Goldshark
forestfeast Mikatsuki Matova
Bare Rose June Dion
anc Ltd. aki69 Resident
!dM deviousMind Chandra Meehan
Frippery Elizabeth Tinsley

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